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  • Basic Information

  • Birthdate
    11. 04. 2007
  • Profession
    Mechanical engineering, Fitness Model, Baker and Trainer
  • About me
    I have always liked sports, started with soccer ,track & field and volleyball.

    Started bodybuilding because a friend got me to the gym one day and I loved the soreness and results I got from it. Been building my body for 7 yrs now almost 8, never have used steroids nor competed.

    Love the feeling I get when doing any sport.
  • Accomplishments
    Becoming a Mechanical Engineer was one of my greatest accomplishments. Also, getting the body I have now without the use of any Steroids.
  • Training
    I prefer super and giant sets in my trainings.

    I train legs 3 times a week.
  • Nutrition
    I do not eat refined sugar,red meat,white flour,white rice and hydrogenated oils. I prefer to eat starchy vegetables, fruits,chicken,eggs,fish and turkey.

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